The Best Apps for Runners

Running Applications that Will Make Your Run Better!

I feel like I choose to run because it is efficient. It is an efficient workout, I can pick the time frame  I want to do it in, I can decide how bad it will hurt, etc. It works for me.

Technology is the same way–we want things to make things more efficient.  So combining the two ideas is a win for everyone.

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I am going to share a few of my favorite running apps, and I want you to share yours too! I am always interested in hearing about something new to try! Please post what you use or have found in the comment section!

My Favorite Running Apps (in no particular order)


For me, this is Garmin Connect. 

I have a Forerunner 35 watch, so  I can easily sync my workouts to this app. The app will then spit out paces, heart rates, a map of my run, elevation, and more. It looks at my sleep pattern, my activity pattern, counts my steps each day, etc.

I might do an unplanned run where I go all over the place; when I look at the map of my run, it is fun to see all the zig-zags and then save that run for future use.

There are other GPS apps that I have tried that I don’t mind. Garmin is my favorite because it syncs with my watch. If I didn’t have my watch, I might try something else.

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Nike+  worked with my previous Nike watch. I loved this app as well. This app gave you a trainer in your ear as well (if you wore headphones connected to your phone). The trainer would tell you to speed up, slow down, and also offer motivational phrases like “Good Job.”

The person talking to you is not a person though, it is a computer, which made it quite not as fun as another app I will talk about later (Aaptiv). I also wasn’t a huge fan of my Nike watch; it just wasn’t quite as efficient or easy to work as my Garmin. However, I did have a few people I coached love it and would never trade it.

Mapmyrun or Runkeeper or Strava

These are apps that will follow your run. You can run with your phone and they will follow you. Once you are done, you can retrieve pace information, route information and more details.

I sometimes go to one of these sites (usually mapmyrun) to figure out a route and distance before I run. I can pick points and know where each mile is and the total distance of a run.

Runkeeper is similar but you can find music to run to. You set the pace you want to run and it will find music to match that pace.

Strava has a community feel and allows you to compete with others. There is a ton of social media and ways to motivate yourself using this app.


This app is great if you are trying to make a life change and live healthier. It allows you to create a profile and track everything you eat and your exercise. It then will evaluate your diet; they tell you if you ate too many carbs or had too much sodium in a day.

It is motivating to see. If I feel like I need to lose a few pounds or if I just am not feeling well, I will track myself for a little while just to see what I am doing. I usually can figure out an unhealthy habit that I have adopted through this app.

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This is one of my newest finds. If you are trying to motivate to add some variety to your workouts or you get bored, this app helps. You can pick the duration, mileage, kind of workout that you want (they even have yoga, stretching, biking, spinning, running, walking).

This app is a trainer in your ear. I have my favorite trainers that I look for. The workouts are put to different songs that may have a theme as well (like all Brittney Spears or something).

Aaptiv is really helpful if you have lots of treadmill time or you want to change up your workouts. They really get you to do things that you would normally not do. It does cost money (I found a coupon and got a steal at $41.99 for a year). However, it is cheaper than a gym and like a real live trainer. You can try it free for 30 days. If you want to try it, use this free trial . I am not an affiliate of Aaptiv (I should try to be), so I am not making a cent if you try it. I really do love it that much!

There are tons of apps that I love. These are just a few. I think I might do another post soon after I check a few out. After writing this, I am thinking about some others that I have heard of but never tried. For example, Edomondo, Fuel my Run, Couch to 5k, etc.

Let me know what you like or if you try one of these that I have suggested!






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