Finding Time to Run

How do I make time to run?

Summer is the busiest time of year. I dream about the lazy days of waking up, having coffee on the patio, and just reading a book just soaking up the sunshine.

Has that happened yet?

With July 4th right around the corner, I wonder what has happened to summer; what about all the things I wanted to? Will I fit them in?

Everyone has these busy times–no matter what your lifestyle, it is hard to add another thing to your schedule–and for some–running is the lowest on that priority list.


(Above is my daughter, Oaklie, who managed to get a race in this summer already! She wore some really great running shoes!)

For me, I have made running a priority and something I have to do before the day is over. This mentality makes me get it in. I do not go a day without some sort of run–but the quality of that run may differ based on my time.

I am an early morning runner, so most days I will get up and go before anyone else is up and get my run in before my husband goes to work.

If this would work best for you, it sucks to start but gets easier the more you get in the habit. Challenge yourself to do it for a week and do not break the challenge (I reward myself with skinny white mocha’s sometimes as an incentive to get out of bed).

Once you get into a routine, it really gets much better and pretty soon (sooner than you think) your body will naturally wake up and want to get out of the door.

Recently, I went to a softball tournament in North Dakota, and the game was at 7 a.m. So, I woke everyone up early to go to the game. I didn’t run before and I felt like death–even though I was used to getting up that early.

It really becomes a part of you.


(this is from an event we went to at the beginning of summer raising money for Relay for Life)

Another thing I try to do (I try to figure out how to do this once a week)- I try to do a fast speed workout. In my neighborhood, we have a little loop that is about 800 meters. I will try to do some quick intervals around that loop to squeeze in a speed workout.

Sometimes I push a stroller, sometimes I have my kiddos with me on the bike, and other times, I might have them time me (I can see them for most of the loop).

You can really fit this to any time frame, and it feels like you worked hard because you are incorporating some speed.

The last thing I might do if I am very short on time (or maybe I have no one to watch the kids) is I find a HIIT workout. There are so many great trainers out there. I follow several on Instagram and Facebook.  If you just youtube HIIT workouts, some great ones come up.

These can last any duration that you want them to but are full of high-intensity exercises. I like these because I hate lifting (even though I am trying to do more of it) and sometimes I can do one of these for ten minutes and have sore arms the next day.

That is the best feeling, right?

These are the things that work for me, and I am addicted to working out. I have to do something each day because I crave that feeling after. I do not want to go through my day without a plan of when I am going to get a workout in.

With these little things (HIIT workouts, intervals, and early morning runs), I feel like my days are less stressful and I can do the things that are more important for summer–like spending time with my family, and, maybe, before this summer is over, I will get to enjoy that cup of coffee on the patio.



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