What is going on?

I have not written for weeks now…what is going on with my blog idea? I can’t even believe it is the end of July almost…I had so many big summer plans and here I am…not doing all of them.

But I am doing more things than I thought I would and different plans than I thought.

I started the summer with only a few plans and hoped my kids would still have a “fun summer.” I enrolled them in a million camps to replace my lack of vacation plans and to stay firm to the idea that we were going to save money.

I put my five-year-old in a camp every week (which was pure torture for me…AKA the chauffeur). But he loved it, for the most part. We skipped a few days here and there.

My son, Owen, is in yellow above at golf camp. He is everything sports at this point in his life—golf camp, sports camp, basketball camp.

Here they both are at swimming lessons—which was great for them, but sweltering hot for me for two weeks.

And we took a family vacation to Bismark, North Dakota (to watch my husband play softball) and another family vacation to Las Vegas, just for fun.

I didn’t run the biggest races in Billings–and I actually enjoyed that I was on my own run. I knew everyone else who was “a runner” was at these events. I even read the results and figured out where I thought I would have placed.

But I did not regret not being there.

I canceled the only run I really planned on doing (a half marathon). I jumped into a few smaller runs, and I ran more with friends. I even took my kids on a few stroller runs which I haven’t done since they weighed under twenty pounds.

And it was nice.

It was nice not having everything laid out and being able to do what I wanted when I wanted. It was nice laying in bed while I knew runners were doing the largest summer run on a rainy morning.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, sunglasses, shorts, cloud, outdoor and nature

(Look at the background behind me—isn’t this a great place for a race finish?)

The point is–it doesn’t matter if you do not make a huge plan. It actually is okay that plans change.

My summer is not entirely how I expected–but it is going probably better. My races did not go as planned, but I am enjoying my runs even more. I am relaxed and happy with them.

And this is slowly changing my mindset from an ultra-competitive runner, to one that just wants to run for fun.

I have goals and things I want to do. I have not completely abandoned planning, because that is what I do. I plan. But I am slowly accepting the fact that plans change and the changes could be for the better.

For example, not running a half marathon in the middle of July allowed me to spend extra time with my family and friends. I ran a wonderful 20 miler (in preparation for a race I have planned…ironic, huh?). I spent the weekend golfing and going to dinner instead of anticipating the next day’s run.

Then, when I looked up results, I did not regret that I wasn’t there, but I looked for names I recognized and touted their accomplishments.

Or I  went to Las Vegas for a blazing hot vacation for the 4th, rather than running a run that I have every year in the past. I ran down the strip in 96-degree weather and laughed at myself when I was dying at three miles.

That is the great thing about this sport. We can have goals and things that we want to do—we can train for those things and try to make them a reality. And when we accomplish them we feel proud and great and set new goals to achieve.

But,  we can also find time to participate in the sport, but rather than keep up with the runner next to us, we can settle down and remind ourselves of why we run. Currently, I can relish the early mornings I spend with friends just chatting or the fun runs I have with my kids while they bike next to me.

So, as Target fills its isles with back to school notebooks, I think of all the things I still have planned and want to do this summer. Will I get it all accomplished? The important things I will–but I am sure that there will be some extra added unplanned fun as well.




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