Run-Walk Marathon Plan

This is basically what I did for 16 weeks. I did not set a goal time or any paces. I just ran to run.

I run 6 times a week and would shoot for 30-40 miles each week, except for the really long runs, I would normally be close to 50. I pretty much ran my regular routine except for the long runs that were incorporated. I didn’t have a specific day either for the long run, it was basically whenever my group could all meet to get it done.

Any run under 16 was run entirely. Any run over 16, I would run a mile, walk a minute, starting at mile 1. If you want a faster time, you can get rid of the walks, but not until Mile 18 (according to Galloway).

Here was my typical weekly schedule:

Monday     6-8 miles

Tuesday    5-8 miles (I tried to do hills or a tempo run)

Wednesday:  8-10 miles

Thursday- 3-5 miles (speedwork)

Friday- 5-8 miles

Saturday- LONG RUN


Here are my long runs for this upcoming marathon (this one was a little shorter of a training plan)

I started at 12 weeks, but the weeks leading up I usually ran a 10-13 miler to get to the 16-mile point.

12 weeks before- 16 miles

11 weeks before- 13 miles

10 weeks before- 13 miles

9 weeks before  – 18 miles

8 weeks before- 13 miles

7 weeks before- 10-13 miles

6 weeks before- 20 miles

5 weeks before- 10-13

4 weeks before- 10-13

3 weeks before- 22 miles

2 weeks before- 12 miles

1 week before- 10 miles





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